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Campus at the cultural Center

The goal of the Campus at the Cultural Center is to support and sustain the life-long love of learning. To that end, we sponsor programs and presentations on topics that engage our members.

FILM SOCIETY 2018-2019
$100 membership includes all films and programs
$52++ optional dinner following each film; reservations required, space is limited. Must be a Film Society member to attend.

The Film Society is again pleased to present its sixth season at the Cultural Center this year. Ruth Reitan, film editor, screenwriter, and educator will share insight into each film. She is currently involved in the development of the Minneapolis - St. Paul Film Festival and the Key West Film Festival. We welcome Ruth's return to our Film Society presentations.   

All five films are scheduled for Monday evenings and are followed by a special dinner inspired by the film. Ocean Reef Club’s outstanding culinary department led by Chef Philippe Reynaud and selected guest chefs will prepare a memorable menu that is related to the food theme for each cinema experience. 

Film Society evenings will continue to celebrate the art of film and cuisine along with an opportunity to socialize with other film enthusiasts. 

Mondays at 4:30pm


"It's Complicated"

 – American Cuisine)
Monday, November 19


"In Search of Israeli Cuisine" 

(2016  – Israeli Cuisine with Guest Chef Lior Lev Sercarz)
Monday, March 18


"A Year in Port" 

(2016  – Portuguese Cuisine)
Monday, January 28


"The Hundred-Foot Journey"  *Members' Choice Film

(2016  – Indian & French Cuisine with Guest Chef Puskar Marathe)
Monday, April 15


"City of Gold" 

(2015  – LA Cuisine)
Monday, February 11


Best Picture Oscar Talk 
Sunday, February 24 – 1:00pm 
Complimentary to Film Society Members

Dan Hudak, film critic in print, radio, and television will discuss each Best Picture Oscar nominee in respect to why each film was nominated with accompanying clips and critique. Dan's lively lecture will review the Academy's voting habits along with background trivia about Oscar history. This entertaining hour-long talk should not be missed. 
Note: Attendees are encouraged to see as many of the nominated films as possible before the presentation.

$200 for the Series or $50 per speaker at the door

A variety of mind-expanding topics, ranging from the Arts to the actual, presented by dynamic speakers who will inform and entertain in a refreshing getaway from the usual norm. 


Pulitzer Prize-Winning Author
Friday, January 11 • 3:00pm

Richard Russo, the Pulitzer Prize winning author of Empire Falls, Nobody’s Fool, The Bridge of Sighs and Straight Man, is a master of rich characters and pitch-perfect descriptions of small-town America. Russo’s humorous lectures cover his approach to shaping narratives and how “home” has defined his work. His latest work is The Destiny Thief, an essay collection that will reward fans of his story-telling, criticism and insights on craft as he seeks to unravel the relationship between talent and destiny. In the week of Russo’s appearance there will be a complimentary screening of Nobody’s Fool, adapted from Russo’s novel of the same title, starring Paul Newman and Philip Seymour Hoffman and directed by Robert Benton.
On Thursday, January 10 at 4:00pm, there will be a complimentary screening of Nobody's Fool, adapted from Russo's novel of the same title, starring Paul Newman and Philip Seymour Hoffman and directed by Robert Benton.

How to Watch Movies Like a Film Producer
Thursday, January 31 • 3:00pm

Great film directors all have one thing in common – lofty artistic ambitions. They take on the toughest issues and most provocative themes of their day, but the most challenging directors disguise their bold artistic intentions behind the mask of easily accessible genre forms. This presentation will illustrate some remarkable examples of cinematic mastery, using a number of films that changed/impacted America: classics such as I am a Fugitive from a Chain Gang, revolutionary films The Graduate and Easy Rider, and blockbuster hits like Jaws all have hidden content that will expand your appreciation of the art. Marc Lapadula is a Senior Lecturer in the Film Studies Program at Yale University. He is a playwright, screenwriter and an award-winning film producer. 

Education in America
Thursday, February 7 • 4:00pm

Back by popular demand, Sol Gittleman will bring his unique approach to the subject of education in America. Professor Gittleman’s lectures on American immigration and the history of the Middle East have shown that he can survey vast subjects and clarify trends with humor and insight. Sol Gittleman is a professor at Tufts University, where he was named the Alice and Nathan Gantcher University. He has received two Fulbright awards, the Harbison Prize of the Danforth Foundation for Outstanding Teaching, and a citation as Professor of the Year. 

TED Talk  
The Internet - Unintended Consequences
Thursday, March 14 • 4:00pm

The proliferation and success of the internet has provided unheard of opportunities on a global scale. It has also nurtured the growth and success of a select group of US corporations who are now the new titans of US industry. With this success has come unintended consequences and new challenges for these corporations and for all of us. How we receive, perceive and process information - from Google and other search engines, from Facebook posts, from Twitter feeds, from Instagram accounts, from news sources - is a critical challenge. We will again this year present powerful, educational and entertaining talks from TED on our big screen.

Nautical Historian/Author
Thursday, March 28 • 4:00pm

A long-standing resident of Nantucket, Nathaniel Philbrick is a champion sailor and nautical historian whose works of sea-faring adventures include the award-winning history In the Heart of the Sea: the Tragedy of the Whaleship Essex, which won the National Book Award in 2000, and Mayflower: A story of Courage, Community and War, a finalist for the Pulitzer, in 2007. His most recent work is the third of a trilogy on the American Revolution: In the Hurricane’s Eye: The Genius of George Washington and the Victory at YorktownMr. Philbrick is a noted speaker who has narrated Ken Burns PBS specials, won prizes for his reading of audio books and has appeared on TV and NPR.
On Tuesday, March 26 at 4:00pm, there will be a complimentary screening of In the Heart of the Sea, adapted from Philbrick's novel and directed by Ron Howard.

Four Trials that Changed the World
Thursday, April 4 • 4:00pm

Broadway: Past, Present & Future
Thursday, April 18 • 4:00pm

Broadway’s greatest musicals – what are the elements that distinguish a truly great musical from the run-of-the-mill? This distinctively American art form combines music, dance, drama, design and comedy in a package that can straddle the divide between high art and great entertainment. Broadway combines the thrill of live music with the compelling storytelling and drama of watching a movie or TV show and, when done with incredible care and sensitivity, the combination of the two can lead to something transformative. Sean Hartley is the director of Theater@Kaufman, the musical theater division of the Kaufman Music Center in New York City, where he curates, produces and hosts the concert series Broadway Close Up and Broadway Playhouse. Sean is also a playwright, composer, an lyricist: Cupid and Psyche (Drama Desk nomination,) Little Women; Snow (ASCAP Harold Arlen Award.); Leaving Home