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Campus at the cultural Center

The goal of the Campus at the Cultural Center is to support and sustain the life-long love of learning. To that end, we sponsor programs and presentations on topics that engage our members.


Food & Film Series
$100 membership includes all films and programs 
$49++ optional dinner following each film; reservations required, space is limited

The Film Society is pleased to present its fifth season at the Campus. We will continue to study films and filmmaking styles from around the world together. 

On five Monday evenings, we will view films that have a link to a food theme. Each film will be introduced and followed with a presentation by an expert in the film industry or a selected chef. 

After the event, a special dinner inspired by the film will be served along with the opportunity to discuss the film further and socialize with members. These entertaining evenings celebrate film and exquisite dinners prepared by Ocean Reef Club's outstanding culinary department.

Mondays at 4:30pm

January 8 – Burnt (2015 – French cuisine)  

January 29 – Commanding the Table (2016 – New Orleans cuisine)

February 12 – Today's Special (2009 – Indian cuisine) 

March 12 – NOMA - My Perfect Storm (2015 – Nordic Scandinavian cuisine) 

April 9 – Back to Burgundy (2017 – French cuisine) 

Best Picture Oscar Talk 
Friday, March 2 – 5:00pm 
Complimentary to Film Society Members

Journey into this year's Best Picture Oscar nominees with film critic and Professor Dan Hudak as he discusses why each film was nominated and which is the odds-on favorite to emerge victorious. Clips and background information about all nominated films will be shared, and a discussion of the Academy's voting habits will lend perspective to choosing the likely winner. Oscar history, trivia, and other major categories will also be covered. It's a lively, insightful and fun hour-long discussion that’s not to be missed!
Note: Attendees are encouraged to see as many of the nominated films as possible before the presentation.


$200 for the Series  

Educational, entertaining and energetic - afternoon lectures on a broad variety of subjects, delivered by dynamic speakers who are powerful presenters of their subjects. Each lecture is a full examination enlightening and stimulating a taste of the world around us, past, present and future. 


Thursday, January 11 • 3:00pm
John Lenczowski
 - "China"  
Former National Security Council member and founder of The Institute of World Politics 

Thursday, January 25 • 3:00pm 
Sol Gittleman - "The American Immigrant Experience "    
Tufts University professor and noted raconteur returns to explain the history of immigration in the US as only he can.

Friday, February 2 • 3:00–6:00pm
One Day University - Music and Literature 

3:00 – 4:20pm - Anna Celenza of Georgetown University on "What Makes Frank Sinatra Great" 
4:40 – 6:00pm - Joseph Luzzi of Bard College on "Eight Books that Changed the World"

Thursday, February 8 • 3:00pm
John Lenczowski  - "Russia"     
Former National Security Council member and founder of The Institute of World Politics 

Thursday, March 8 • 3:00pm
Ted Talks " AI and the Human Genome"  
Different points of view on the future path of scientific exploration presented by TED. 
TED Talks are influential videos from expert speakers on education, business, science, tech, and creativity.

Thursday, March 29 • 3:00–6:00pm
One Day University -  Art and Aging

3:00 – 4:20pm - Tina Rivers Ryan of Columbia University on "Modern Art: What It Is, What It Means, and Why You Couldn't Have Done It"  
4:40 – 6:00pm - Brian Carpenter of Washington University in St. Louis on "The Art of Aging: What Everyone Should Know About Getting Older

Thursday, April 5 • 3:00pm
Ed Hajim - "Life Passages"   
A Conversation with Yourself, Your Children and Your Grandchildren